UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology

The UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology group in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington builds tools to simulate and investigate the terrestrial hydrological cycle and uses these tools for a wide range of hydrologic research projects. We investigate the effects of climate change on the hydrologic cycle, perform near real-time monitoring and forecasting studies for drought and streamflow, simulate the interactions between the various components of the climate system in coupled regional climate models, develop and analyze large datasets, and along the way we write a lot of code that we are happy to share with others.

Look around for a brief description of who we are, our active and previous projects, our list of publications, the models and analysis tools we share, data sets and updates about our work. There is also information if you are interested in joining us as a postdoc, graduate student or research scientist. Even if there are no current openings or if you do not want to join us in Seattle, you may want to checkout our GitHub repository.


UW Hydro builds tools to simulate and investigate the terrestrial hydrological cycle.


Our Home

Wilson Ceramics Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Box 352700
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-2700