SUMMA 1.0.0 released

SUMMA 1.0.0 released

Jul 17, 2015 | by: Bart Nijssen

In collaboration with Martyn Clark’s group at NCAR/RAL, we released the source code for SUMMA, a new hydrologic modeling code that advances a unified approach to process-based hydrologic modeling and enables controlled and systematic evaluation of multiple model representations. This has been some time in the making and will potentially change a lot of the model development, application and evaluation activities in the group.

SUMMA stands for the the Structure for Unifying Multiple Modeling Alternatives and is described in detail in two papers that recently appeared in Water Resources Research and in an NCAR Technical Note. The source code (and details about the papers) can be found on the SUMMA github page and sample data sets can be obtained from the SUMMA page at NCAR.

In future posts, I will provide some samples of SUMMA’s capabilities.


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