A new name and website: UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology

A new name and website: UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology

Mar 11, 2015 | by: Bart Nijssen

With the move of Dennis Lettenmaier and part of his group to UCLA last fall, it is time for a new name and web site for what used to be the Land Surface Hydrology Group at the University of Washington. We’ll maintain the old link for a little while, but any updates will happen on this new web site. To more accurately reflect what the group does and where we are headed, we are now the UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology group. Existing content such as information about our models, data sets, and projects has been maintained, but you may need to look around to find it. Other parts of the web site have seen more drastic change to reflect the current make-up and activities within the group. We’ll use the web site to provide periodic updates on projects, publications and new activities.


UW Hydro builds tools to simulate and investigate the terrestrial hydrological cycle.


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